Scratched windshield remedy

The glare at night is bad with the scratches. Any way to remedy that other than replacing the windshield?

The windshield needs to be replaced.



Since we can’t see how deep the scratches are a good answer is almost impossible. A good shop like Safelight can tell you if it can be buffed but I doubt it. If you have full coverage insurance just contact your carrier and have the thing replaced.

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That’s what I thought but wanted to justify the expenses. Will get it done asap. Thanks and happy new year to y’all

Just a thought… are you 100% sure the windshield is actually scratched?

A while back I was convinced my windshield was scratched. Tried all sort of “deep cleaners” and that sort of thing, but the “scratches” never got better. Then I tried a brand new pair of wiper blades.

Problem 100% solved.

I’ll do you one better

If op simply cleans the front windshield with windex and paper towels, he’ll have his answer

If after cleaning those marks are still there, time for a new windshield

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone

Clean the windshield

Diagnose the scratches

Cheaper than buying wiper blades, just to find out


Try this cleaner, really does a nice job, most big box stores carry it

It’s impossible to tell how deep those scratches are and if cleaning with Windex does not work then the next option short of replacing the glass is to use some elbow grease and fine Pumice to see if it will polish out.

Well Eastman sells glass polishing materials for a grinder but time you get done, you could have bought a new windshield. A glass shop can advise whether polishing is possible.

But my insurance has replaced windshields when they become sandblasted to make it hard to see in the sun. As my agent said they want people to be able to see where they are going. No muss no fuss. So you’ve got two places to check before buying a new windshield yourself.