Scratched Window

I recently bought a used car. It’s got some pretty bad scratches on the front window. Anybody have any good recommendations on ways to (cheaply) fix it without replacing the entire window?

Not really; even buffing out the scratches professionally would likely cost more than a new windshield, which, I assume is what you are referring to. The last time I replaced a windshield, on a full size Chevy, it only cost $149! A front window would cost much less.

Tell the shop this is NOT an insurance claim and the price will drop substantially.

Where did you go to get it done. That seems pretty reasonable.

It was one of the chains, I think, probably Speedy Auto Glass. This is a competitive business; phone several from the yellow pages and tell them this is not an insurance claim. Tinted windshiels cost more than non-tinted.

My windshield was bought in 2004, so prices will have gone up by now.

Happy shopping!

You may want to call your insurance company also. Some policies will replace windshields with no deductable. It’s worth asking.

Hey Doc, was that a bonded-on windshield you replaced or a grommet-held? I’m curious because I’ve never had a bonded windshield replaced and wondered how expensive that sort of thing would be.

This windshield was for a 1988 Caprice and is essentially glued on, there are no grommet gaskets involved. Any chrome trim on top of that would be for decoration only.

The process is really simple, and standard size windshields are quite cheap. My damage was from a stone chip that you inevitably pick up in winter here. It developed a crack later which got bigger and bigger.

Windshield coverage is expensive here because of the grit and salt used on the frozen streets and roads in the winter. I took it off my policy and hoped for the best. Have replaced 2 windshields in the last 15 years.

I’ve had the grommet kind replaced twice on my old pickup in the 17 years I had it. Only because it got so pitted and acratched that when I was driving into the sun I couldn’t see squat. The price was about the same as you paid for the bonded-on glass. There’s a whole inatallation process with a string, but frankly the installation is almost free if you buy the glass there. Might as well let the pros do it.