Removal of scratches on windshield

Someone cleaned the bugs off my windshield with a bug sponge. The sponge was abrasive enough to leave long thin scratches everywhere.Is there a way to remove them or should I replace the windshield.Its bad enough that on sunny days I can barely see anything.

All depending upon the severity you might try using some fine pumice; or volcanic rock. I think you can even get this at Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

There is such a thing as glass polish. It is tedious work, though.

Polishing is definitely an option but be prepared to have wavy distortion as a result because it is difficult to get a smooth finish using relatively small surface area pressure consistently applied across the large viewing area. You’ll invest a lot of time trying and if you have glass coverage, might not be worth it. The glass guys can support your position it is dangerous in its current state to get the ins to cover it.

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I’d call around to glass shops to see if they can help.

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The best tool for fixing a scratched windshield is a rock.

The stuff I used (unsuccessfully) filled in the hole with a transparent goop of the same refractive index. You can try it.

After some years, I have had windshields get sandblasted so it’s hard to see in the sun. I’ve never had a problem with insurance replacing them as long as I said it was getting hard to see. A rock was never necessary.

I do remember though Eastwood had a glass polishing kit for an angle grinder. Not cheap and a lot of work so a lot easier to replace.

Thanks! I will get a new windshield.My insurance company agreed to replace it for a $50 deductable.

Good deal!

All of my truck driving was in other peoples trucks. Most trucking companies refuse to replace a windshield unless it is cracked, no matter how sandblasted or scratched it is, nio matter how many drivers write ir up. Hence the rock.

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