Used car buying

Just bought a used car. Had a pre-purchase inspection done, and everything look good. It occurred to me that there was no remote device for the keyless entry. I called the used car dealership and they said it did not have one. Later, after the purchase I discovered the cd player does not work properly (will not load cds).

The on-line ad for the car, and the window info. said it had remote keyless entry and a 6 disc. cd changer. I am purchasing an after-market keyless entry device and will have the cd player looked at at that time.

Question Is; Is it reasonable to expect the seller (a dealer) to give money back for these features that do not work?

Typically, it is a buyer beware situation. When you bought the car you should have taken a CD with you and tried the door openers. When I sell a car I do not misrepresent it and let the buyer take all the time needed to look it over and test drive it.

Unless you really really want keyless entry, I would pass on it. We seem to see a lot of problems with the after market ones.

Check ebay for a replacement remote device, if keyless entry is standard in your vehicle. I lost one to my Subaru WRX and found one for $10 on ebay w/programming directions. It was over $50+ at the dealer for new part.

Imagine the reverse, you find $200 under the seat, would you return it
to former owner?