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Keyless entry

I bought my son a 2001 Olds Alero. The seller didn’t have the key fobs. I work at a GM PDC so I was able to purchase a new one. The dealer tried to program it and it will not unlock the doors. They said the receiver or the BCM was bad. I replaced the receiver and it still wont work. Do I need to go back to the dealer and have it re-programmed or could the BCM be bad too?

I would suspect a wiring problem is the cause but the dealer may be correct. I would try to maunally power the connection at the point where the control signal comes from to make sure the unlock circuit works.

Thanks for the info!

Initally were you able to program the new fobs you bought? (did the electric locks cycle to confirm programing?) I am thinking you got the wrong remotes.

You have replaced the reciever but still no function. Check online for programing procedure (sometimes you ground a wire, sometimes you program through the radio, always you can program with the Tech2 ,dangerous to say always)

We got the problem solved. We had the wrong remote, luckily the dealer had the right one in stock and we were able to swap them. Thanks for every ones helpful advice.

Thanks for the update. Very good call Oldschool. I would not have thought about having the wrong remotes.

Had you gone to a locksmith that does these, you could have avoided all that drama.

I carry all the popular ones, and if the thing does not program, the LAST thing assumed is that the car has electrical issues.

IT is virtually always that the EBAY place or dealer had the wrong remote in the wrong bin, or the labeling/packaging was wrong.

I am not posting this to chastise you, but so OTHERS will think to take their Remotes, Transponder and lock related car issues to a specialist that sees a lot of it.

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