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2006 Hyundai Tucson - CD makes me worry

A few years ago the CD player started acting like it had a CD stuck in it. I brought it in to the dealer, they informed me a) There was no CD stuck in it 2) They no longer carried audio systems for my old car. A year later, I accidentally hit the eject button, the CD that hadn’t been there popped out (slightly the worse for wear), and CD player started working again.

Question: Can I trust these bozos to work on life-critical components like my brakes, ball joints and A/C (only joking about the A/C, until I relocate to Death Valley).

I would bet all they did was hit the eject button and when no CD popped out wrote it off as not being stuck.
It is out of warranty, so take it anywhere with a good reputation.

Bill, please remove your telephone number. Not a good thing to post on an internet site.

@cdaquila could you help Bill remove that?

I would say yes they can but you don’t need a dealer for those items. As for the radio problems dealer only replace things like that and send stuff like that to a stereo shop.

There doesn’t seem to be any way. I immediately sent a nastygram to Car Talk, but I doubt they will even look at it.


I took out the phone number just now. I would say, “Yes” you can trust the bozos. I would not expect a mechanic to fix an audio component. Surprising there is not a new one for sale at your local Hyundai dealer for some crazy high price, but you could get one from a junk yard. I’d just quit playing CDs. Here are some alternatives.

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Thanks for the warning, but they don’t seem to provide an edit capability. Can you give me any help?

For your amusement here is the nastygram I sent:

"I just posted a question in response to your e-mail, which specifically requested that I include a return phone number. Since you didn’t provide a space for the phone number, I included it in my question. AFTER I submitted the question, you informed me that it would be visible to over 100,000 car talk members -that is, to over 100,000 potential robocallers.

I have two questions:

  1. Why should I trust anyone as lacking in street smarts as you to answer any question I might have (including “What time is it?”)?

  2. What is the address of your lawyers? I suspect they will be getting a lot of business."

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in the bottom right hand corner of your post there is a pencil icon. hit the pencil then you can edit whatever you want/need to

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Thanks for the correction. I haven’t received any more than the usual number of robocalls, so I suspect youi got it in a timely manner. Thanks again,


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Thanks for the help.