Key remotes

One of my remotes work and the other does not, I took it to the dealer and they said they could not program them therefore the receiver is bad and needs to be replaced. The want $500 for this. It seems to me if one remote works then the receiver is o.k.

Any advice?

Maybe they are saying they cannot get the reciever into program mode (to get it to listen to the remote in question) but remotes that are currently in the recievers memory will work.Obviously the reciever section of the “reciever” works it seems the problam is in the programing section of the “reciever”.

Clueless, I mean Keyless, excuse me:

My son needed a new remote. He got a dealer price and then got one from an online store at a savings of over 75%. It was a genuine, new, original equipment item, and arrived in three days.

Click this link, go to their site, their toll-free number is there. Give them a call. They are friendly and can advise you.

Good Luck, Grandmama!

P.S. Please let us know what you find out!
Just curious, what kind of car is this?

I got some new remotes on eBay. Just search for the exact model number. Could google it too. Programming can be very easy or quite tricky. The Chrysler van had programming instructions in the owners manual. Everything done using the remote and manual door lock/unlocking. My other car, with an aftermarket DEI unit needed tricky button pushing under the dash on the receiver unit.
In any case, $500 is way too much. Buy the remote yourself and then walk into the Dealer’s service area and ask how much for a person to program it for you. The right person does it in 3 minutes. They would feel bad charging any more than $75 for that! Good Luck!

Recommendation: Don’t Horse Around

That’s why I made the recommendation above. These people cut right to the chase. An original equipment, new, sealed in plastic bag, GM/Lear remote for my son’s Chevrolet was $19 + $6 S+H. They included programming instructions for free and the remote comes with a new battery, installed! The dealer wanted $66 + tax (special order) and 1/2 hour labor for programming or $35.

Why take a chance on who knows what, when you can go first class? This place has a data bank with which they can tell you whether or not you can program your own Fob or not, and include instructions if you can.

Have you tried replacing the battery in the nonfunctional remote?