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Lost Remote Keyless Entry

My son recently bought a used 02 Nissan altima which has it’s own set of problems but it didn’t come with the remote keyless entry device. Since he is of the generation that has never had to use a key to get into the car, it irritates him to manually do this. The dealer quoted us a price of about 340.00 to replace the RKE device but my husband thinks we can get one less expensive in an aftermarket site. Is this true and can anyone suggest a few places to look?


Just be careful to buy new, not used, and watch the part numbers carefully. Also make sure that the car was actually equipped with keyless entry, otherwise the fob won’t do anything.

But the price there is MUCH lower. I recently looked at these to replace a bad one for my Camry. Dealer wanted ~$300. Autozone wanted $200. Ebay sellers wanted $40.

thanks for a quick reply. How do I know if it came equipped with a keyless entry?

Probably the easiest thing to do is call the dealer and have the VIN # handy. It may be the case that ALL Altimas had keyless entry on them, as it is a common feature, but it certainly wasn’t standard on most vehicles in the 90s… I simply don’t know whether or not it was standard on 2002 Altimas…

Go Online To Keyless Ride.

I see they sell that remote new for $64 (plus probably $6 S+H). It comes with DIY programming instructions, new battery, a warranty, and also free unlimited help from tech support.

Give them a call on their toll-free line and explain that you have no remote just to make sure that you don’t need an original working remote to program a new one (some vehicles require this).

I’m not affiliated in any way with keyless Ride. I’m just a satisfied repeat customer. These folks have been great.

Here’s a link to click:

Put in your Make, Year, and Model if you want to see the remote and information.

Oh, by the way, make sure that the car came equipped with keyless entry. I don’t know if it was standard on that car. Maybe Keyless Ride can tell you or a Nissan dealer can tell from the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Good Luck,

Is your son also of the generation that has mom fix his car for him? like why is he not writing to us (and paying for his own RKE fob?)If you had not included the details about your son I would not have asked,but you did, so I did also.

Every generation has Moms who can fix cars!

But since he is going to college full time, working part time, playing collegiate soccer and commuting to school, I thought it would be nice if I helped him out a little bit and post the question. Whether I pay or he pays is not relevant.

You cannot interject your own ideas and assume they are facts, just answer the question with the details given.

Thanks for the site. We’ll check it out.

No assumptions were made, my inquiry was in the form of a question. It was you that added the generational qualities, if you don’t want to be questioned about them then leave them out, I would never have brought up the subject.

I have rented cars from Enterprise and the remote keyless entry device had been removed. This was back in the time period of your son’s Nissan Altima. I wonder if this car might have been from a rental fleet and when it was sold, the keyless entry device wasn’t included.

The most recent rentals I have had from Enterprise did have the keyless remote.

Don’t worry, having to actually use the key to unlock the doors may be annoying and look “uncool” to his friends, but it will not kill him. Maybe the car never had keyless entry, that could be the reason there’s no key remote. When you got the estimate from the dealer did they actually look at the car. Or did you just ask the price of a new keyless remote.