Uplander door chime

My girlfriend has an 07 Chevy Uplander with approximately 60k on it. On a few occasions the door ajar light (it doesn’t indicate which one) illuminates accompanied by a warning chime.

The passenger sliding door has had warranty work for this issue three times, and now that the warranty is expired she just wants the chime to stop.

Two questions: Is there a fuse that can be pulled to stop the chime? If so, does anybody know how to access the fuse panel?

The manual states the fuse box in the cabin is located on the passenger side of the dashboard, to be accessed by opening the passenger door. There is what appears to be a panel with a hole in the middle of it located there, but how the heck does it come off? The manual offers no diagram or written instructions. I tried every way I can think of to get the panel off, but no dice.

Any suggestions?

Rock Star, Is This A Power Sliding Door?

There are several Chevrolet TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) dealing with powere sliding doors. I wonder if the dealer(s) followed the procedures outlined in them.

Does the chiming start when the vehicle is placed in gear?

One thing they talk about is using the dealer’s Tech 2 equipment, going into the sliding door menu using updated software, and follwing a procedure to have the door “relearned”.