Electrical problem

I love your show and column in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette newspaper.

Gotta problem with my 1998 Pontiac Transport. It has only 127,000 well-treated miles on it.

The push button sliding door doesn’t want to stay shut when I try to close it. It will open right back up. After trying it a few times, it will sometimes stay shut. If not, my wife or I will get out and push it firmly closed just as it is closing. This does not always guarantee that the buzzer will stop (very annoying).

Also, the ABS brake light often comes on while driving. We stop, turn off the engine and pump the brakes a couple of times and that stops it. Occasionally, the pedal will drop to the floor. Very scary. It immediately recovers. P.S. All the brakes are new.

The variuos mechanics I’ve seen shrug their shoulders. I have purposely avoided new car dealers since I do not want to get a second mortgage.


Merry Christmas,

Tom Monroe, North Little Rock, AR

First, lets concentrate on the power sliding door fault.

I think the electrical contacts on both the leading edge of the door and the post it locks closed to are dirty.

One other thing to look for is foreign objects in the bottom door track. If there is something at the end of the track which prevents the door from complete travel, it will reverse direction.

Use an electrical contact spray cleaner on all the contacts and try again. Hopefully, that will work.

Secondly, the ABS warning light.

You MAY have a faulty booster causing the brake pedal to sink to the floor.

There is also the chance there is air trapped in the brake lines.