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Started my 03 silverado, radio was on but no audio, door and light warning chimes didn’t work either. These had worked 8 hrs earlier on drive to work. parked truck left sit for 2 hrs now they work???

It sounds like there is a intermittent power connection somewhere. I would try to get some wiring prints and see if there is a common power connection to those areas you mentioned and check that out. Tapping on suspected areas may show up the trouble.

I thought that all of the chimes worked through the radio on GMs now.

You very well may be correct Tardis and I really can’t say for sure without looking at some wiring prints. Perhaps power is being interupted to a seperate amp or powered speakers somehow or, there may be trouble with the radio internally if all the audio signals are passing through it and there is no seperate amplifier.

Yep, they do, without a doubt. Have radio checked.

thanks for the info I will have it checked out. It has not happened again.