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2008 Chevrolet Uplander - sudden problems

After reading about all of the owners of Uplanders having so many different and recurring major problems like blown xmissions, engines simply stopping while driving, rear sliding doors breaking, self opening and falling off, engines acting up, and a host of electrical abnormalities I feel pretty darned good about mine.

Just recently my Uplander began having problems I have blamed on our extreme cold weather here in North Dakota. Before then I had very few troubles with it. And It has given me roughly 30K miles in about 8 months of service driving for Lyft.
First, my Traction control warning light came on, then my Stability warning light, next it was my tire monitor system, and finally my ABS light.
Then the dashboard read out began telling me the engine had reduced power–which caused the car not to accelerate without putting the gas pedal to the floor. I suspected ice in the fuel line and stopped at a gas station convenience store to buy some gas line treatment which seemed to fix it. In short succession I got a readout about the starter being disabled and the engine quitting and not restarting again right away without sitting for a few minutes first.
Then tonight the engine began sputtering and running reduced power again, vibrating like a V8 running on just six cyls.

I’m at a loss for an explanation. I need my car running good. It’s my bread and butter!

Can anyone help me?

You are now discovering some of the hidden costs of being a rideshare owner operator. There are no free miles. Just wait until you have to pay the self employment tax.

Oh, this ain’t my first rodeo! Began in early 2017. I’m just perplexed by my current mechanical mess! Also, I’m 67 years old, retired, on SS. So, not much worried about self employment tax. But thanks for the heads up anyway.

You are driving at a rate of 45,000 miles a year. How long do you think an 11 year old vehicle is going to stand up to that.

Unless you are not declaring your income you owe both the employers half of SS and the employees. Or is it that you are not making much more than the mileage deduction so for tax purposes don’t have any income.

That’s what happens when the traction control light comes on, it does that to keep the engine from over revving and hurting it self.

All these can happen if the car detects wheel spin, it’s going into self preservation mode