2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD - No more chimes

all audio such as turn signals ,door ajar or low fuel.

TMI, TMI, TMI (ten character minimum)

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Are you saying there’s no accompanying audio? Or that there is and you want to shut it off? Or something else?

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my 2010 Chevy had this issue. I disconnected the battery, cleaned the contacts (because they were dirty, not because I was doing this to fix my lack of chimes,) and they all came back.

Don’t know why, but it worked.

Check all the fuses,

I believe these chimes are channeled through the audio system. Do you still have the original audio setup? If so, try disconnecting all power to it and it may reset.

Check and make sure the driver door speaker is still working on the stereo as all audio is piped thru that speaker . GM ia notorius for using cheap crappy chinese speAkers. I had to replace all four speakers in my Trailblazer .

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Check the front left speaker. My daughter’s 2010 Cobalt uses this speaker for turn signal, chimes etc. I’ve replaced the speaker multiple times over the years. Doesn’t seem to effect the turn signal operation though.

Ed B.