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2007 Vibe chime noise

The damn thing makes a 3 chime noise intermittently. Usually above 50 MPH, always after the car has warmed up for @ least an hour, more likely when the road turns slightly to the left or right.

Pontiac is clueless, even after we played them audio tapes.

Sounds like a (possible) dirty interior light switch.

Open all the doors and spray electrical contact cleaner into each door interior light activation switch. (Likely the plunger type mounted in the door frame) Just peel back the rubber boot.

Check the one for the hatch too.

Any warning lights come on the dash when the chime sounds?

Wow- Roadrunner you are much faster than Pontiac!! THANKS!
There are no warning lights, & the chimes are definitely not the seat belt warnings.

Ha ha ha, I just happened to go by Cartalk on another search and seen your post.

What I said are just suggestions. No guaranty they will cure the problem.

The roll of the vehicle in turns is what made me think of that.