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Update on Sunroof (Astroroof) Problem

Okay, I bought some contact spray cleaner and sprayed on my sunroof switch. I still hear a click when the switch is pressed, and it seems as if something is slightly engaging with the roof (there is a slight thump sound). The roof is not moving, though. Any other ideas? I tried the switch with ignition power off – no click sound – so it appears the switch is making some type of electrical contact. What could be the problem? The roof did open once and closed when I first got the car a month ago. so I don’t think the tracks are dirty or blocked. The previous owner said he had to press the switch several times to get the roof to operate. Now, that does not work. Thanks for your time and help. Have a good weekend!

You may have to drop the headliner to see what is wrong.

There should be a small electric motor and some type of linkage/gear to move the glass back and forth.

Perhaps the prob;em is just a loose/corroded wire/connection.