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the sunroof wont work. when i press the button it makes a click sound but thats it. im not sure if it needs a new motor, or a new sunroof.

Is the click sound coming from the switch, or the sunroof area?

i located the “motor” under the button (open close button) there was a wire unattached, i plugged it in and pressed the button and it made that click sound from the “motor” where i found the wire unplugged

Didn’t the car come with an emergency sunroof opening/closing tool?
Take a look in the OEM tool kit for something that looks like a giant Allen Wrench.

There should be a small circular plastic plug or fitting on the ceiling of the car, near the controls for the sunroof. Pop the plastic fitting off, insert the tool, and twist the tool in order to see if the sunroof mechanism works smoothly, or if it is binding. That should be your first clue as to the source of the problem.

The sunroof jammed on my Blazer after a piece broke off each side bracket (tried to open it when it was frozen shut). I removed the glass (one Torx bolt in each corner of frame) and was able to remove the debris from the side brackets.

The sunroof is still working but I will eventually order order new side brackets from here.

Ed B.

we got the car used. i will look thoroughly for the plastic plug

a stupid question… what is an OEM tool kit? im the wife, and the husband works too much to figure this stuff out. ive taken it upon myself now, and need a little help learning.

OEM=Original Equipment Manufacturer, or in other words, Ford, the folks who made the vehicle.
Hopefully, somewhere in the same area as the jack and the lug wrench you will find a rolled-up vinyl package containing the tool that I described, along with a screwdriver and perhaps another tool.

Since the Japanese manufacturers all supply this, I am assuming that Ford does also, but it has been 18 years since I have owned a US manufacturer’s vehicle, so I could be mistaken.

dumb question… you mention you got this used. recently? has the sun roof worked before?

Have you recently replaced the battery???

If so, i copied this from the owners manual:
[B]“If the battery is disconnected, discharged, or a new battery is installed,
the moon roof needs to be opened to the vent position to reset the moon
roof positions.”[/B]

ok so there is no OEM but i got in where i can see the mechanics of it better… i found another set of wires unconnected i connected them and it opened to “spoiler” mode but started grinding/clicking…

it has never worked but we got it through a chincy dealership too… i think they disconnected these wires so they didnt have to try to fix it… idk… would it make a grinding clicking sound if the battery were dead?

unfortunately it sounds as if you didnt try the moon roof b4 u bought the car. The symptoms you describe do indicate a broken track or guide. these ar enot cheap to replace, and will run you in the vicinity of 600 bucks to get a used one installed by a body shop. they are a PITA to do so you will have to have it professionally done :frowning: