2000 Blazer Power Sunroof

I have a power sunroof with a rocker switch. Push forward and the back of the roof lifts up for venting. Push back and the sunroof opens completely.

Earlier in the week I tried to open the sunroof not realizing it was frozen shut. This morning I tried to open it and the motor stalled. I was able to lift the back up for venting though. I played with it for a while, something popped loose and the sunroof opened, but the motor sounded like it was straining. When I tried to close the sunroof, it stopped with about a 1/2" gap. Eventually I was able to close the sunroof completely. I can still open it for venting, but the motor still sounds like it is straining. I’m not going to try and open it completely again.

I did some research on the net. The attempt to open it when it was frozen was probably what did it in. I found an outfit that sells replacement parts.


Has anybody had any dealings with them? If I remove the headliner to get at the sunroof mechanism is there anything I should be looking for to fix? Since the motor is working, I’m assuming I damaged the tracks/brackets part.

Hopefully this will be a warning to those who have sunroofs, it doesn’t take much to break them.

Thanks in advance,

Ed B.

I took another look at it during lunch. It appeared the back of the sunroof panel was catching on the lip of the roof opening. I loosened the screws attaching the panel to the side rails to move the panel to clear the lip. It’s still sticking a little but can open and close properly. This weekend I’ll take the glass out, clean and lubricate the side rails and treat the rubber molding on the panel.

Ed B.