Unlisted Song


I don’t know where else to ask this, though it’s not specifically a car question.

A few years ago, when they were still only having one break midway through. They played this new age sounding violin piece that was beautiful. I’ve been wondering what it was for years, but have been unable to track it down.


One break midthrough what?


I believe that he (or she) is referring to Tom & Ray’s radio program. At least that is the best that I can deduce from the OP. Let’s just say that communication, both written and verbal, is not what it used to be.


I have not hunted around the new look site, but I believe the oil one did have a list of the songs they have used. In fact I believe I heard them refer to it since the change.


I apologize if I was vague. Back when the show only had one break at the half hour, a song would come on every episode. It was an instrumental piece that sounded almost new age. I searched through their music index, but it only lists the car songs they used.

Is that any clearer?


The Devil Went Down to Georgia maybe if it had some heavy piano in the background. Still I don’t know but answer anyway. Flight of the Phoenix By GFRR. Nope. Forget the violins and listen to Malibu by Hole. Lilly was Here by Pam Golfer, no, tenor sax doesn’t count.