What happened with the woman who was going to drive an old Datsun 510 from TX to MA?

Did she make it without breakdown? Did Tom go & inspect the car?

If you are referring to something that you heard on T & R’s radio program, you have to realize that you were listening to a “repeat” segment that could have been recorded as long as…perhaps…18 years ago.

The only new material from T & R that you will hear on Car Talk is contained in promotional announcements.

I know the shows are old but someone must have heard the followup if there was one.

Hearing the followup (if indeed there was one, doubtful) and remembering it are two waaaay different things. I’ve been a religious listener for many years and while I remember most of the puzzlers, I remember very few of the calls…just too many of them. Maybe she’ll check in and tell us.

The OP is referring to the call that involved a bet between the brothers, if the car made it to Mass than Tom had to stop giving his brother grief about the “sleek black beauty” that Ray junked. The followup call a few weeks after this one revealed that the car made it just fine and it was now the daughters daily driver.