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Help I have listened to car talk for years and can’t find the piano music that’s played on every show. It’s becoming an obsession. It’s not Dixie Flyer. I’m at the point of just recording the small bits.

I can’t recall any piano music played on the show. There is some banjo music (the theme song), and they have mentioned the title and artist who performs it. According to the song is:

“Dawggy Mountain Breakdown.” It was written and performed by a guy named David Grisman, who is perhaps the world’s foremost jazz/bluegrass mandolin player (like he has a lot of competition in that field!).

Different PBS affiliates use different ‘filler’ music to cover a few seconds between segments.
Call your local re-broadcaster to see if they know but it could be just stock filler loaded in their computer that will kick in automatically to avoid dead air.

That piano piece with steel guitar is the intro Randy Neuman’s Dixie FLyer. My problem is that I cannot find that version…I think it is actually better than Mr. Neuman’s original.

I too am obsessed with this beautiful piece (we are NOT referring to the up-tempo intro; we are referring to the melancholy, lovely piano piece with a wafting steel guitar).

What I gather from these threads is that it’s possibly a version of Dixie Flyer but no one knows which version. I also gather that the music in question may not be emanating from the show itself but from local affiliate(s). KQED in San Francisco plays it for about 30 seconds during station breaks; then there’s a slight pause, and the show’s music comes on, and the show itself resumes (great show, by the way). Can someone, anyone, please identify the name and artist of the piano/steel guitar piece?