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Break Music

I am looking for the title and the artist of the piano instrumental played at the break - it is not listed on the “musicology” section of the website. A person at the radio station said there are two breaks where there is music. She didn’t know the first one but the second one is by Bruce Hornsby but she didn’t know the title. Can someone help me?

Bruce Hornsby came out with a hit called. “That’s Just The Way It Is”.

Here’s an instrumental version of that song on piano.’s-just-the-way-it-is/id/3064377638


Thanks. I know this one but it is not the one played at the break.

I looked for this song as well, looked everywhere but on the Car Talk site itself! The music is from a song called Dixie Flyer by songwriter Randy Newman. It’s on his album “Land of Dreams” on Warner Brothers Records.