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The Car for Ben

Ben from Olympia WA called and said he was looking for a new car. He mentioned Volvo and you guys steered him away, saying women were not attracted to Volvos. What a mistake! After having driven a Volvo Wagon for 11 years, everyone told me I needed a new car. There was this red C70 Volve convertable with red seats in the showroom. I got it. When you compare Ben and me, we are totally different. He is 26, I am 62. He has hair. Mine is disappearing fast. His chest is larger than his belly. Not me! But, I’ve never had more women come up to me and talk because of this Volvo.

The fact that it’s red and is a convertible is the reason the women are coming up to you. They think you are rich because a man of your age is driving a red convertible. I would venture to guess that most of them don’t even suspect that it’s a Volvo.

Agrred. So, why didn’t Tom and Ray think of that?

I have no idea. I lived the same experience as you back about 10 years ago so that’s how I knew what was going on. I bought a red Corvette from a friend who was having financial difficulties at the time. To the chagrin of my wife and my daughter I was approached by women whenever I parked the Corvette. It could be the supermarket, the movie theatre or McDonalds. They suggested that I stop driving the car so I did and ran an ad in the local newspaper. The car sold the same week.

The big thing guys is issues with reliability and cost of maintenance. For a first car Volvo tends to be very expensive. Parts are less available, the older the worse it gets, and they are more expensive since there are less of these on the road than most car brands. Thus fewer parts… supply and demand. If he wants a convertible, he can go with several car makers. Everyone has made a convertible at some point. A chrysler sebring is a good convertible and is easily repairable. Parts are available as it shares it’s engine and transmission with several other mopars. Plus the “convertible” shows style.

Some of the new Volvos do have more “pizzazz”. But as I was driving along, in my Volvo, listening to the show I realized the car next to me was perfect for Ben. Assuming he finished law school and is now a lawyer. It was a Range Rover Sport. It’s outdoorsy, which should play well in Olympia. It shows he has money, which is not generally a turn off. It bespeaks of respect for Continental culture. And it would show he’s not too smart.

Hey guys…so I know you really know cars, but I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with how well you know cars matched with people! I was driving, just biting my lip waiting for you to recommend some shiny, sporty, and-for lack of a better word-douchey car for Ben. I winced when the Jeep was thrown in, but I think you guys nailed it. I live in a town full of surfers who drive enormous trucks (clearly making up for lacking something else) and preachy hippies in Volvos. While I have nothing against Volvos, and would myself prefer a practical guy to a (here it comes again) douchey one, I think aTundra or Tacoma speaks for practicality (given Toyotas’ track record) and just the right amount of rugged attractiveness. Good call! Now, Ben- keep the car clean-but not too clean.No piney fresheners. Throw some tools or a ball glove in the back,and get a puppy for the passenger seat and you’ll get a girl in no time!

When I heard this show, I thought for sure the brothers were going to recommend a Jeep Grand Cherokee. But a CJ7? That did not sound like Ben. Personally I think he should get what he wants. That will filter out any women that really won’t be there for the long haul with him. Get the car he wants and a girl that appreciates him for what he is.

Do you guys really think American cars suck so bad. Have you ever recommended anything except a Toyota. The v6 chevy camaro you said was worn out at 150,00 miles surely has more life. I know I am mixing shows but this attitude is part of the reason our country is in such a mess now. I have the same v6 chevy motor with 221,000 miles and it and the tranny are original. A local catering business has the same motor in several vans with over 300k. I think the toyota tundra you recommended was recalled several times. Maybe Ben should get a Corvette or a Mustang. I think Ford, Chevy and Dodge might make a 1/2 ton pickup too.

I’d second a Tacoma for utility and reasonable attractiveness. And maybe it’s a generational thing, but I thought there was a study awhile back suggesting women were actually more attracted to compact cars/lighter trucks. Maybe it indicates a certain amount of prudence and lack of pretentiousness. Of course, there was also that study that said women are more attracted to men driving “expensive cars”. Don’t know who sponsored that one, but the comparison was a Bentley vs. a battered Fiesta. No middle ground, apparently. :slight_smile:

well, he’s in the mountains so 4wd or awd would almost certainly be helpful. he’s fairly young and in decent shape, so we dont want a grandpa car.

how about a subaru wrx ( or sti version) or evo ( pick a number). for those arguing about import vs domestic, the subaru is built in illinois!

Ben needs a green girl! Get any good old diesel car, maybe a Benze, convert it to two tank system and troll the parking lots of the local whole foods or some free trade coffee shops. The smell of burning carbon neutral waste veggie oil drives them crazy. The car is cheap to run and most green girls are easy on the wallet, they recycle almost everything and that’s good when you get long in the tooth.
OK, so you might have to get past the hairy legs and weekly showers but in the long haul they are keepers. Take from one happy old married guy :wink:
Good luck Ben, don’t forget to test drive all your choices… lol

Any woman who dates you for the car you drive is going to be high maintenance; kick them to the curb.
Also, most “green(read: hippy)” girls don’t shave or bathe, keep that in mind too.

Agreed on the first part, bscar, but at least around here the green element these days is a bit broader than hippies who don’t shave or bathe. So maybe there’s hope for folks looking for a green, & relatively clean, girl.

An Orion slave girl from Star Trek? :stuck_out_tongue: