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Mazda Miata "A Girl's Car!"

So, everyone, I have been doing research. I’ve seen this question asked 6 years ago, and again 3 years ago. And here I go again.

I am 24 years old and a male. I want a Mazda Miata. I’ve been reading men complaining they are teased by the fact that people make the Miata a girls car. What’s your opinion?

I personally think that cars are for everyone, regardless of their gender.

The Miata is the bargain sports car of the planet. And some consider it a ‘girl’s car’. Same goes (at twice the price) for the Porsche Boxster. Two great cars saddled with unfortunate labels. Lots of guys with Miatas, go to SCCA track events.

I would recommend that you buy what makes you happy, and that you ignore those who criticize your choice of car based on their perception that it is “a chick car”.

For many years I have observed that some cars just seem to appeal more to women than to men, with two examples being the old “original” Barracudas with the huge rear window, and the “new Beetle”. However, just because a car’s styling might appeal more to women than to men does not automatically emasculate a man who drives one of these cars.

Bear in mind that those who feel compelled to make statements like “the Miata is a chick car” are essentially very insecure about their own masculinity. In fact, I think that it could probably be argued that you are simply more secure in your masculinity than they are if you don’t feel threatened by driving what they call “a chick car”.

Buy what you like, and ignore those who are terminally insecure.

I was a member of the Peak-to-Peak Miata club for years here in Colorado. Membership was about 70%M, 30%F. Spec Miata racing is not “girly” (although some of the best racers were women).


Look at it this way: If it’s a girl’s car, then girls will think it’s cute, and therefore look at it as it drives by, and therefore look at you. This is an opportunity. Use it.

Yes, they’re a girls’ car. Now, are you man enough to drive one?

Life is short. Get what you’ll have fun with and ignore everyone elses opinion. Live your own life.

By the way, I love Miatas, but can no longer fit in them. I test drove one some years back and the smile was stuck on my face for weeks.

They are not a “girls car” they are a “chick car”.

They do have that repuation. Which is unfortunate because they are excellent cars. I do think the 2nd generation models were better than the original models. The newer 06-up models are a good bit quicker though. With that said, if you really want the full-on roadster experience, get a Triumph TR5/TR250/TR6 or if you can swing it an Austin Healey 3000. Any of those will offer more panache than any Miata and you’ll have no choice but learn about the inner workings of your car. I have yet to meet a woman who can keep a pair of Zenith-Strombergs in tune.

I drove one awhile back and would not hesitate to buy a Miata as a 2nd car(we get winters up here in Ohio)

You make me laugh. Yup, anyone owning one of yuor listed cars will learn about the inner workings of their car. And they’ll get plenty of exercise pushing.

To me a Miata is an MGB with all the fun and none of the problems. Lucas be well forgotten. I even read once that Mazda actually tuned their exhaust to replicate the sound of the old MGBs.

The colors aren’t even feminine. Just don’t get the auto transmission. I think you’d be happy with the copper red mica grand touring model with the retractable hard top.

Some might say that “real men” wouldn’t drive a miata. I say that real men don’t give a hoot what other people think that “real men” do (or don’t do).

If a girl owns one, I guess that particular one would be a girl’s car. I have never taken stuff like this seriously myself. Life is too short to deny yourself the enjoyment of doing what you want to do simply because of peer pressure.

Geez, what’s the big deal about driving some huge V-8 powered pickup truck anyway? It’s not like you have to start the engine with a crank.

This is a chick car.

If you want to fly, you might also steer clear of owning an Extra-260, a certified chick plane.

I would not let this bother you. A Miata is a car for driving enjoyment. It is small, light, quick enough, but not brutal, reliable, easy to work on, and handles better than most other cars on the road. It’s a roadster with none of the vices one would expect with such a driver-oriented car. If it were more comfortable for me to fit in one, I wouldn’t hesitate to own one, but it’s a little cramped for my six foot, 260 pound frame. I do love driving them on occasion, though.

Some years ago I had a Miata, and yea the girls loved it. So what is wrong with a car that attracts girls?

Agree; the Miata is no more a “chick” car than the Subaru Legacy Outback is a car for upscale gay men, as has been reported. In my hiking and ski club there are a dozen Outback owners, including two ladies and all are very heterosexual!

I have two male friends, both over 60, who bought Miatas and ended up selling them, because getting in and out it was too hard on the back of an aging overweight person. Young people would not have that kind of problem.

I’ve even heard of a medical condition: ‘Miata knee’, which is caused by folks (like your friends) twisting their knee when getting themselves out of the car.

Lots of cars have stereotypes associated with them - if I never read ‘mullet’ with ‘Camaro’ again that’d be just fine with me. Gotta ignore them.

Trust me, Miatas are not for overweight aging people. It’s too hard on the back.

(Reply written by an overweight, aging person)

An easier way to get in and out of the car would be to have the top down and just kinda inch your way up the back of the seat, stand up, and get out.

An alternative to the Miata would be a Mini Cooper convertible. You get a little bit more height for entry/exit, a back seat, handling of a go kart, and, with the S or JCW packages, a VERY quick vehicle.

When I was 24, I wanted an Austin Healy Sprite–the bug eyed model. I never did buy one, but there are times I wish that I had. If a Miata floats your boat and you have the money, buy one!