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Turning signal issue -

Ford Freestar Van 2005.

I have attached two sound files.

The first one is the normal turn signal sound…

However, some times I hear the second sound, where it sounds like there’s another “clicker” relay firing…

I’ve replaced relays, still happens…and what’s aggravating is that it’s VERY intermittent…

Seems to only affect right turn, it will click normally for a bit, then the second clicker start’s chiming in…

[Turn Signal 1] (
(Skip forward about 30 seconds)

What else is clicking?
[Turn Signal 2 ] (

Not able to listen to your sound files, but if the second sound is a buzz, most likely your multi-function switch needs repair or replacement.

Nope - whereas usually it’s a ka-dink, ka-dink, ka-dink, in the second file it’s a ka-dink…tink, ka-dink…tink, ka-dink…tink…

It seems like some other relay is also firing. The files are WAV, but I can convert to MP3 if it would help…

Andvance Auto guys was “Never heard of that…”

Might be worth a show segment…:grinning:

I hear the added “tink” is not in phase with the turn signal “ka-dink.”

Is there any change in the action of the outside bulbs or dashboard indicator?

Unfortunately, the radio show is no longer in production

Not exactly in phase, but there’s definitely a rhythm, which implies some correlation. Also ONLY happens when turn signal is used.

No change in the visual indicator in the dashboard, but unfortunately it always occurs when I’m driving, (like waiting at a light), and I can’t get out and check the rear lights (Impatient drivers!). And it happens so occasionally!

I’ve got some 12v LEDs, might go tap some wires…

Just can’t figure what else would be clicking…It’s located under the dash, but I’ve changed out every relay on the fuse box…

I thought it might have…first heard it through WUNC, Chapel Hill, Then WFDD, Wake Forest, then WBUR, Boston College and NHPR, Concord…

Loved the Staff Directory…{sigh}

I listened and couldn’t hear anything. Sorry. But then, my hearing is pretty poor.

I can hear the sound you refer to.

It sounds as if someone is tapping on a fry pay …way off in the distance.

My wife drives a Free Star, but neither of us have heard this sound.

In the morning I’ll take a look at her car and see if there is anything that would have this type of sound.
But the only other thing that should be intermittent would be the 4ways.


2 thoughts, first try a new flasher, fairly inexpensive, 2nd is the sound coming from the audio speakers? My non ford makes a dinging when the turn signal has been left on too long.

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