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2017 Ford Escape turn signal clicks too loudly

Anyone with a 2017 Escape have a problem with how loud the clicking noise is when using the turn signal? My uncle seems to be bothered by the second click (not the initial click when raising or lowering the stalk to initiate the signal, nor the unwinding and return of the stalk to its original position when the turn is complete).

Wow, that is really a serious problem . Just turn the radio up.

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Most poster complain turn signals are not loud enough.

“Volvo V70”, thanks for your useless reply.

“gpierce”, he has a problem with the click, not the turn signal’s repeated ticking.

Does anyone have any informed, meaningful and useful replies?

What other click is there?

Since this car is under warranty what does the service department say?
Was the click present when he bought it?
I have not driven an Escape. My F150 turn single has always made a low ‘clunk’ (normal) and recently had a Focus rental car but did not notice anything unusual about turn signals.
He could also ask his original salesperson if he could listen to another 17 or 18 on the lot to see if this is normal.

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So you get two clicks when you go to use your turn signal? In either direction? See if other Escapes do the same thing on the dealer’s lot. If not, show the service manager what you’re talking about.

Does it have a “flasher”? That’s a can-shaped relay under the dash. If so, maybe you could wrap it in foam, or somehow isolate it from whatever it is causing to resonate.

I don’t know if the traditional flasher has been replaced by some newer, solid state device.

But it’s not the ‘clicking’ during the turn, it’s an extra click when the turn signal is activated. Odd…

It sounds like they’re talking about the physical click of the stalk into the left or right signal position, and/or the click as the cancel mechanism springs the stalk back to centre.

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The OP said it’s not the initial click…

The turn signal audio sound probably originates as an electrical signal in the body control module. How it makes it’s way into an actual sound you can hear, don’t know. But if you could figure that out, it might help to determine what’s wrong. On newer cars that sound often comes from the stereo system speaker. Suggest the first step is to take a length of old garden hose, use as a stethoscope to poke around here and there in the engine compartment see if you can figure out where exactly that sound is coming from. If it is coming from the speaker, the problem could be in the stereo system electronics or its interface to the body control module. A dealership is obviously the place to ask about that. Perhaps there is a software update for the body control module or for the stereo system available.

Edit: I’ve been able to confirm the turn signal and hazard light audio sound comes from the body control module and is most likely played through the car’s audio system. The “front controls interface module” is involved, as well as the body control module. Simple implementations of stuff like this in newer cars are rare unfortunately.

Comparing the hazard signal audio vs the turn signal audio might be helpful.

We have vehicles in our fleet the clicker is actually a radio sound

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And the OP said it’s not the repeating click.

George, It’s not the repeating flasher sound that is the problem, It’s also not the sound of engaging the turn signal lever.

It’s the second click after engaging the turn signals and it only happens once every time the signals are used.

What’s the purpose for a second click? You’d think it would either be clicking in a repeating manner indicating the turn signal is on, or not clicking at all. Anybody know the purpose of this mysterious second click?

Some of you understood … there is a second, of three, clicks (not the repeated ticking, or signalling) that occurs during a turn. Again, the first click is the actuating of the signal via movement of the stalk, the last click is the completion of the signal, or the return of the stalk to it’s original and neutral position. The second click occurs during the turn and is annoying to him.

I have spoken to a dealership and one of the service reps supposedly went to look at another vehicle, returned and said there was nothing out of the ordinary. Seems I will need to visit another dealer and see for myself what another 2018 does. Not that I distrust the rep but I’d rather know for certain by witnessing myself.

Thanks to all for the help.

I know little about the steering assembly and its associated hardware but could it have something to do with how much of a turn is made affecting some mechanism? For example, if you signal left or right and only change lanes gradually, the signal sometimes does not disengage automatically. When making a 90-degree change of direction (as at an intersection), the signal always disengages automatically. Could some mechanical action be taking place in the steering column that triggers the second click when passing a minimum point at which the signalling is FORCED to disengage automatically?

I don’t understand why you are driving yourself nuts over what is your uncle’s problem . If this is such a major concern ( which I doubt Ford is going to do anything ) he either lives with it or trades the vehicle for something else .

Possibly. But there’d have to be an explanation why such a click of mechanical origins like that would be so loud as to be bothersome.