Turn signal audio portion failure

I have a new Impala. On occasion, the audio portion of the turn signal fails. It continues to fail until I shut off the car. When I restart, it works. GM has put in a new radio and “module”. They are stumped. Any ideas?

Are you saying the turn signal doesn’t click when it blinks? Does the radio have a pleasant voice to tell you ‘Right Turn Signal On?’ I’m at a loss as to the exact problem. Since the car is brand new, the dealer should be obligated to keep working on it for free until properly fixed under warranty.

Yes, the turn signal is mute while the lights blink. The radio does not have a voice “right turn signal on” voice but the “click-click” comes through the stereo speakers. My GM dealership doesn’t know what to try next. I’m trying to give them a good recommendation. Can you help?

Just a guess, but there may be a break in the circuit between the module and the radio. If both module and radio were replaced, then the wiring is all that is left, hopefully.

I’m truly at a loss. Why do these engineers always look for complex ways to screw up a simple design? In the old days, the flashers were thermo-mechanical, and gave an audible click when used. In the 80’s and 90’s, car makers changed to electronic units that had clickers built in to give the same audible cues the old ones had, because we were used to it, and it was preferred. Now, these GM brainiacs decide to put the click through the car speakers? Why?

The clicking of the signal lights comes from the flasher. Granted, some flashers are noisier than others.

Hearing the noise through the speakers doesn’t make sense.

Disconnect the radio and start over.

If you heard the flasher clicking when the signal light was flashing before they messed with the radio then you know where the problem is.

In my experience as a Dealer Tech was that technical assistance from GM was always available,in a situation like this saying we are stumped was not a option.Ask your dealer if they have contacted technical assistance.

times two.

that would never happen,we have alot of resources at our disposal.(so in SHORT bull).

Thanks for the insider info. I’ll ask my dealer to contact technical assistance.

My dealership says that they can’t do anything now, but maybe they can help later. I’m copying the transcript of the voice mail message they left me here:

"Hi, this is Stacy from Go Chevrolet. (?) I did some research on that issue you have. You are not the only one who has had this. GM is aware of it. (?)We basically exhausted all resources yesterday trying to figure out what we can do.

Basically, we did the same thing that other people have done with no luck. So, General Motors is aware of the issue, but at this point they do not have a fix for it yet.

Other places have done the exact same thing we did where we replaced the radio and body control module. Neither one which has fixed the problem. GM is investing at this point here, but they do not have a fix.

I did talk to my manager as well. He is aware of this situation and has dealt with you in the past. He says that if we have an issue where before they decide what?s wrong with it, and you run out of warranty, we will still help you with this. No worries there at all. As soon as we hear something on this we will give you a call on it. So far at this point, nothing at all. As I said GM is aware of it.

?Any questions, please give me a call back?"

Are they really going to help me or am I just being “slow rolled”?