Clicking turn signals

99 Lincoln Town car, turn signals click all the time, even when not turned on, garage could not find the answer. Is it a sensor somewhere?

Did the mechanic test the turn signal/multifunction switch?

On the Fords that I own or have owned testing this switch is a quick and very simple job.

In a nutshell the connector is removed from the switch an ohm meter is connected to the appropriate pins on the switch & the switch is operated.

The circuit either makes and breaks or it does’nt

I had the same problem with a 2000 Blazer and I had to replace the multifunction switch (turn signal, wipers, cruise control, etc). Try spraying the switch at the steering column with some electric contact cleaner (CRC) or WD40. That stopped the clicking on mine for a few days. It might not fix the problem permanently, but should narrow down the problem to the switch.

Ed B.

Are you saying that you get the sound, but no lights flashing?

yes, we have the sound although different than the normal signal sound, but clicks most of the time

Are you sure its the turn signal relay and not one of the other relays in the LCM?

I am 99 percent sure it is the turn signals, as it started when I used the emergency flashers one time, it has quit for quite a while, and now is busy clicking all the time.