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Turn signals and four way flashers not working

Turn signals and four way do not work. Fuse OK. Cannot find flasher under dash. Could it be the combo switch? Any ideas? Thanks.

The trouble very well could be with the emergency flasher unit. Telling us the year of your Town Car may help also.

Are all the connectors plugged in tight in the right way for it. I had to replace my headlight/flash/wiper switch yesterday. It had 4 different connectors.

1997 Town Car. Four way flasher switch sits on top of the steering column, and looks like it might tie in to the combo switch below in the steering column. I’m afraid removal might require steering wheel removal and I don’t feel qualified, especially considering the air bag. The wipers and washer which also work off the combo switch do work.

I have not gotten access to the combo switch yet so have not checked the connections.