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4 way flashers and blinkers

My flashers and blinkers don’t work. I changed the flasher, but they still don’t work. The car was not running for about 5 years. It’s a '95 Thunderbird with 15,000 miles.

I have had some of those Ford turn signal switches have their 4-way switches “hang up” making neither the 4-way or turn signals work. The quick fix was just jiggling the 4-way switch, pulling up, twisting a bit, clicking it off and on, etc. I don’t know why, but they worked after that.

assume you checked that power was getting from the switch to flasher and to bulbs, also checked the fuse, wire connectors, wiring, after 5 years anything from the switches to bulb housings could be corroded.

It’s almost certainly the multifunction switch. It was the cause of such troubles on my 93 T-bird.

Tardis probably has this right - pull the multifunction switch and replace it or clean it - it looks almost identical to the switch in my 97 Taurus from what I see online. I had never used the hazard lights until last fall when I had to make a trip to the hospital and leave the car at the entrance to the building - at which point I found only 3 of the 4 corner lights would flash with the hazards.

The problem was simple - the copper contacts inside the switch corroded over the years from non-use, and cleaning them off restored full functionality to the switch.

If you’re going to attempt to open it and clean it, just take careful notes as you disassemble it - it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to figure out how it goes back together, and you won’t find instructions anywhere - they expect you just to buy a new switch for $40 or more…