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Silverado turn signals

When I activate my left turn signal,my four way flashers are activated. Is there a solution,my chevy dealer replaced the multi functional switch but the problem persistes.

The four way flashers and the turn signals are part of the multi-function switch so that would have been my guess too (I replaced the multifunction switch on my 2000 Blazer a few years ago).

Perhaps the new switch is bad, I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the switch (dealer) I installed on my Blazer. Try spraying some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner into the base of the switch to clean the contacts. If the turn signals work properly, then the new switch is the new problem.

Since this is not an inexpensive repair take it back to the dealer and let them figure it out.

Good luck,

Ed B.

Check all your lights,parking,brake,cyclops,headlights,and parking.
I had a similar issue and it turned out to be a Burned out bulb.
Just a thought.

I wonder if you have a defective dual filament bulb on the left side of your truck. If the filament for the turning signal touches the filament for the parking light in the front, or the tail light in the rear, it will appearthat the four way flasher is operating. Turn on your left signal and then walk to the back of the truck. Is the left side brighter than the right side? If so, I would bet money on a defective bulb.

I had the same thought as Triedaq. If the left rear turn signal bulb is causing the trouble then just pulling it out of the socket will clear the trouble. One thing that puzzles me if it is the bulb causing the trouble is that usually the dash lights get backfed with this kind of trouble. If the bulb isn’t the trouble then check the emergency flasher switch. Another area to check if you have a wiring for a trailer hitch is check the connector for crossed connection to the left turn signal wire.

I have the same issue with my 2004 Silverado, except it is the right turn signal. A mechanic replaced the switch, didn’t solve it. All the bulbs have been replaced. The problem seems to me to be worse when it rains or snows (wet). I had my trailer mechanic take a look at it. He felt it was in the fuse panel. Funny thing is he adjusted the steering wheel when he was checking it all out and that seems to have mostly cured the problem. Then again, it has hardly rained in New England all summer… If you’re determined to fix it, then find someone who specializes in electrical on autos. The dealer isn’t going to know…heck, they didn’t even know the trailer lights had their own fuses. Post back if you figure it out, please!