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2001 4Runner Turn Signal

The turn signals have stopped working all together. The emergency flashers work just fine and all of the light bulbs have been checked and are just fine. I have replaced/checked every fuse and none have failed. I have also replaced the lever on the steering column and nothing seems to have fixed the problem. Any ideas?

“I have also replaced the lever on the steering column” do you mean you replaced the multipurpose switch? How about the clockspring?

Yes I replaced the Multipurpose switch… No, I have not replaced the clockspring, not even sure what that is.

I think the turn signal circuit runs through the emergency flasher circuit. The problem may be there. Cycling the flasher switch may fix the trouble. If the brake lights work ok then that may be ok. I would then see if there is a seperate flasher unit for the turn signal signals and if so check that out.

I have a copy of the electrical diagram, and it does indicate that the same flasher is used for both the Hazzards, which do work and the turn signal. None of the other electrical systems are not working.

Maybe a wiring problem going to the multi-function switch? The clockspring is not involved with the turn-signal wiring, so it will not be the problem.
(The clockspring makes all the electrical connections between the rotating steering wheel and the rest of the column. Airbag, horn switch, cruise controls, …)

Hmm… I think I might have even ran into a diagram that will allow me to test and see if power is going to the switch…

I suspect that power for the turn signal lights is switched through the emergency flasher switch and power isn’t getting to the signals due to a bad switch connection. Check your prints and see if that is correct. If so, then check to see if power is getting to the turn signals past the flasher switch.