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Turn signals

I own a 1994 oldsmobile Achieva with 127992 miles on it. A few days ago my cars turn signals wouldn’t work. Neither the lights nor the dash board lights would respond. I have checked the fuses. My brights still work.

Dothe emergency blinkers still work? If they do, there may be a separate flasher unit for the turning signals. You may be able to swap them and see if the turning signals work. If the emergency blinkers don’t work, they may share the same flasher unit with the turning signals. Try replacing the flasher–the flasher doesn’t cost very much and they just plug in so you won’t need tools.

Sounds like a bad multi-function switch. This is not a DIY job as the air bag system is involved. It’s not a simple task so call for 2 or 3 estimates. This switch failure is very common on GM products.