Turn Signal Problems


I have a 1995 Toyota Corolla. When intiniating a right turn, the green light indicator on the dashboard flashes very fast, however the rear right turn signal doesn’t show at all. I’ve had the entire rear tail light and bulb replaced to the tune of $282. Immediately following the repairs it worked fine, but then intermittently it would revert to the same problem. For the past week it hasn’t worked properly at all.


Shoot, I wish I could remember the technical term, but on your fuse panel is typically the component that regulates the turn signal speed. I’ve only had to replace a couple over the years. But each time the signal would flash rapidly and the rear turn signal would almost not be visible. Replacing that component (not expensive) worked each time. They do go bad. It’s no big deal.

Ok, it’s called a turn signal flasher. They should be typically around $10 or less at any auto parts store. I would try this next. To find out where it is, open your owner’s manual and check the index in back. If not listed, check fuse panel. Hopefully it contains a diagram of the fuse panel (plus tell you where it’s located) and the flasher/turn signal flasher should be listed there. It’s a simple pull it out and push in the new one.


A green turn indicator flashing very quickly is very normal–it’s your car’s way of telling you that it’s time to replace your blinker light on that side. Sometimes the blinker may be about to burn out, and sometimes it might be completely burned out already.

This would, of course, explain why your right rear turn signal didn’t work at all: it was simply time to replace the bulb. Now, was it only your rear turn signal that didn’t work? Or was it the entire rear light system–break light, turn signal light, and the white reverse light?

If it was only the turn signal light, then there would be absolutely no reason to replace the whole tail light, and certainly no reason to pay $282 for it. I recently had the left break light on my '99 Camry replaced, at the dealership, for no charge aside from about $7.00 for the light bulb itself. (Interestingly, it also worked fine at first and then stopped working, like with your situation. But after just a day it started working again, and I haven’t had any problems since.) So I’m a little concerned that you got ripped off, big time–especially if the “repairs,” which would have been mostly unnecessary in this scenario, are in any way the cause of the problems the light is having now.

If, on the other hand, the entire tail light assembly wasn’t working, then you might have a bigger problem, like faulty wiring somewhere between the turn signal and the tail light. This would explain why the turn signal is still not working, or working only intermittently.


If you had the entire rear light assembly replaced to address this problem, you got fleeced.

Either the bulb is out or there is a wiring problem, most likely a bad ground.


I agree. Since you have had the light replaced and the problem is still occurring, the real trouble is before the areas that were worked on. It may be the flasher unit causing the trouble. Since the trouble is constant now, it should be pretty easy for a good tech to find it and fix it.