Fast turn signal

My left turn signal works OK on my 1999 Toyota Camary LX, but suddenly the speed of the flashing and the clicking has increased. Driving me … The right signal works normally.I checked the fuse and that’s OK. Not easy to get to. Also, the bulbs seem OK. So what could be wrong???

Try replacing the lamps used by the turn signals, front and rear.  If you DIY it is cheap.  It would be time on a 1999 car anyway.  It that is not it, the flasher may need replacement. On that car at this time I think I would replace both left and right while I was at it.

I had this same problem, but it was on my pontiac sunfire. I ended up having to replace the bulb housing. Fixed the problem for me.

I agree. most of the time when turn signals start flashing quickly, it means one, or both, bulbs are about due to be changed

Even though the bulb appears to be working, one of it’s 2 filaments is faulty. I’ve seen it on 2 98 Camry’s. Change the bulb.