Strange, blinking lights

My friend (really) has a 1994 Chevy Cavalier. Her right rear turn indicator light went out, which caused the right turn signal not to flash. I replaced the bulb for her, and now the right rear bulb lights up, but the right signal still won’t flash.

I thought it might be the flasher, but:

1) The left side flashes.

b) When the hazards are turned on, the front flashes, but the rear doesn’t!

All of the bulbs light up. What’s the problem here? Any thoughts?

The only thing I can think of is to ensure you used the correct bulb. Around here (Altanta metro area) at least 20% of the cars have incorrect bulbs that have the brighter filiment lit when the lights are on and no discernable break lights or turn signal (also the lower amperage from the smaller filament could cause the flasher not to flash). Ditto with headlights - many running around wiht 1 light brighter than the other one.

You may have to check the front bulb or clean the sockets.

Check the ground connection of the rear socket. My guess is the brake light filament is grounding through the rear light. This can give unexpected results.

I would also suggest that you double check that the correct bulbs are being used.

I would also check the fuses. I once had a fuse that went bad, but the filament didn’t completely disentegrate. I had many seemingly unrelated electric problems until I replaced the fuse.

You may also want to be sure the bulb is completely seated in the socket. These bulbs have multiple hemispherical solder bumps right next to one another as comtacts, and I’ve had an insufficiently seated (not fully turned, so that a solder bump was between two contacts) bulb short the circuit and cause strange happenings.