98 Intrigue Turn Signal

I’m having annoying problem: the driver’s side front turn signal works just fine in the morning on the way to school/work, then on the way home, it flashes rapidly as if the bulb is burned out. When this happens, the rear signal bulb works (flashes rapidly), but the front bulb does not.

I’ve checked the bulb each time, but it doesn’t burn out. I installed a new bulb anyway, making sure it was the correct replacement according to the owner’s manual (4157NAK), and used dielectric grease. The next day, the same problem occurred.

I’ve double-checked the wires, but can’t see anything loose or frayed, and the bulb socket also appears to be okay. Thinking it could be related to condensation in the bulb housing, we removed the rubber cap from the back of the bulb housing. No change.

I checked for recalls and technical bulletins, but found nothing, so I turned to the message boards and forums. I’ve tried some of the suggestions (remove the daytime running lights fuse, don’t use the fog lamps, turn the hazard lights on and off, close your left eye and stick your tongue out, etc…), nothing seems to fix the problem.

Since it’s an intermittent problem, I’m reluctant to take it to the dealer and pay the hourly shop rate for troubleshooting. If it’s a bad socket or wiring, we can probably fix it ourselves.

Any ideas?


That is “intriguing”, though. By the way, that’s a great (perfect !) description and question.
Is it possible to travel in a counter-clockwise fashion, making only left turns, until I can think of something good?

I’d check all bulbs for proper illumination (those DRLs can be tempermental and how does your car know it’s morning?) and check any battery-to-body, battery-to engine, and engine-to-body ground wires, etcetera. That probably won’t help, but nobody else is saying anything.

Actually, it would have to be right turns – it’s the driver’s side signal.

What’s even funnier is that you don’t even have to go anywhere. I turned the car on this morning and the signal worked fine several times. I didn’t move the car all day. Then I turned the car on this evening and it flashed rapidly again!

I’m in Indiana & we changed to daylight savings time last year. Maybe that’s the problem???

I’ll check all of the grounds just for giggles.


Oops! I Knew That! I Was Just Wondering How Early Is Early? Is The car In Night Mode Lights In A.M. And DRL Mode In P.M. Or Vice Vera?

I’m trying for a clue here, grasping at straws.


The GM multifunction switches (turn signal, wipe/washer, cruise) of this era are troublesome. Try spraying some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner into the base of the switch (in the steering column) to see if that helps. This worked on my 2000 Blazer for a few days, perhaps you will have better luck. Google "GM multifunction switch for more info.

The switch for my 2000 Blazer was ~$200 for the part, so make sure the switch is the problem before throwing money at it.

Neither. The lights are turned completely off.

Are there any side marker lights that also flash when the turn signal flashes? Check the good side first.

While it is flashing fast try slapping the area around the front lamp, pretty firmly. Sometimes that will change the connection. If it does, you might consider changing the bulb socket.

The only variable that makes sense is heat. In the morning it is cold, later it’s warmer. If the socket expands just enough to break the ground or one of the connections, you might have this problem.

I keep coming to that same conclusion, I just don’t know how to fix the problem. I’ve even considered taking the entire headlight assembly out of the car during the day & keeping in a cooler place (school locker?).

I just hate to spend the money on a socket, only to discover that’s not the problem.


Sockets Can Be Obtained At A Take-It-Off-Yourself Auto Recycling Yard.

Component Cooler is ten bucks at Radio Shack. http://radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102648


If you can get the old socket out you can look at it carefully, clean it out with contact cleaner and clean the 2 contact points in the base - I’ve rubbed them clean with a pencil eraser. Check the wires for breaks by having the bulb on and wiggling the wires. The bulb should work with the socket hanging free, I think. Try squeezing the body of the socket a little so the bulb fits in tightly.