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Turn signal question

Usually when the turn signal goes to a fast blink mode one of turn lights is burned. It could be the front or the back. But I have a fast blinking turn signal that developed but still both the front and back lights are working.

Any thoughts.

By the way. It’s a 2000 Honda Accord.

If no bulbs are burned out, then the turn signal flasher is probably on its way out. $3 part, sometimes a pain in the rear to get to.

I am assuming it is on left or right turn only. Step 1 is to replace 1 bulb at a time and after you have replaced both with new and it still does it come back for more guesses.

Thanks. I’ll look at the signal flasher. As far as replacing the bulbs the rear is easy enough but the front is a bear to get to. I was trying to replace it when I decided to come here and ask. But it looks like the engineer probably was in a bad mood the day he worked on the front-left-turn-signal-bulb-replacement procedure.
: > )
To get to it you have to take the air filter box out. Which is easy enough. But then you see a hole inside of which is the bulb. But the hole is too small to get your hand or fingers through to twist the blankety-blank thing out. And to get the whole front head light out requires you to get to a screw which is surrounded by a couple more things that have to removed. Ridiculous. But I’ll figure it out sooner or later. Thanks.

It may also be a poor connection. It could be the socket, or a bad ground or a loose connection somewhere along the line.

Do both directions blink fast ? Try the flasher as suggested.

Have you replaced any incandescent bulbs with l.e.d. ? Get a different amp load flasher.

Are there any additional bulbs such as small side/corner lamps that are in the flashing circuit ? The small bulbs affect the load also and are most often over looked because you may not even realize they are there. If one direction works and the other flashes fast…turn on the side that works and look for ALL the bulbs that should be flashing, then compare to the othere side to see which one is out.

Do all of the running lamps illuminate as they should ? Maybe one of those being out could affect the circuit load.