Turn Signal/Indicator/Flasher Problem

2002 Jetta TDI. I know of the TDI Fan club, just can’t wait for admin approval to post.

To try and describe the problem. When the weather its warmer then 75ish and I go to unlock or lock the car, or do anything the flashes the turn signal lights the driver side signals, front/side/rear come on and stay on. I’ve pulled the fuse from the box, the hazard relay because that’s somehow connected all to no avail. The only way I was able to get the lights to come off was by physically disconnecting the power cords however the interior indicator still stays on. Engine off, keys out, light switch turned off and still nothing. I don’t want to have to disconnect the power cords every time this happens to not kill my battery, but at the same time I don’t want to have go to the dealer and let them charge arm, leg, kidney, first born. Any thoughts or ideas?

If cyclying the emergency flasher switch a few times doesn’t clear the trouble then try changing the switch.

Flashing doesn’t work when the driver sides lights get stuck on. When they are aren’t performs normal. And to prevent the problem all together I removed the unit prior to letting the lights flashing to unlock the car and the lights still got stuck on.

Oh and that little annoying green light will kill the battery, hooray pushing.

There is a Hazard/Turn Signal Relay that is integrated into the switch and an Auxilory Hazard relay and either could be hanging up.

If the trouble happens when you use the keyless entry system then maybe that is where the trouble is coming from. The section that flashes the lights when the system is used.