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Looking for ideas why dash lights flash and then engine dies for my Jetta

I have an 02 2.0L Jetta which has started to die when slowing down or stopped. So kind of scary when you have a line of cars waiting behind you at a stop light.
It only started this past Sunday and has happened 6 times since then (3 of times yesterday). All the indicator lights on the dash flash and it settles to the CEL, ABS, Bat and Seat belt light (like when you start you car, but don’t turn it all the way to engage the starter). The clock and tripmeter reset. everything starts back normally when I put it back to park, turn completely off and back on.
It seems like it should be an electrical problem but I’m not sure where to start, the battery and the fuses seem to have a good connection. I don’t think its the alternator since the battery is staying charged too.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

You have a good clue to the trouble with your statement about the clock and the trip-meter. Power to those areas is provided by a circuit tied directly to the battery. It bypasses the ignition switch so a problem with the switch is eliminated. I first suggest you remove the battery connections and clean them with a battery post cleaning brush. Also check the smaller wire that provides power from the positive battery connection to the power distribution panel under the hood. Check the chassis ground connection also. If doing those things still doesn’t help then try tapping on suspected trouble areas with a screwdriver handle to see if you can pin the trouble spot down.

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Did you ever get this fixed? My Jetta is doing the exact same thing. I see that this is 8 years old but just hoping

Since the OP hasn’t been seen since this post, I doub you will get a reply. Start your own thread, with all the details, for best results.