VW Jetta Turn Signal Switch - Failed, replaced, failed again

I have been driving my 1994 VW Jetta around showing my turn signals with my hands … few drivers recognize those signals, and its embarrassing to use them in the 21st Century anyway. I was put in this situation by failure of my turn signal switch. First the signals got lazy, then at times they would not respond to the lever action - they would work/not work sporandically. Recently I got myself some time and a few dollars, bought a new turn signal switch, and retrieved my owners manual for a very satisfying DIY gig. In about an hour I had a new switch installed and it was working like new. In all it worked over about 10 miles. Then suddenly the signals would not work - just like was the situation when the old turn signal switch gave up. The hazards too don’t work - notice the hazard light is combined with turn signals in in this car. When I activate the hazards (on the new switch as was in the old), the hazard indicator light on top of the signal switch assembly goes on and remains constantly lit. When working properly that indicator should flash with the same rithym as the outside signals. Does someone have an idea what is wrong with my signal system, and if these symptoms indicate that my turn signal switches are still undamaged? More importantly, please suggest a solution.

I have just tried the turn signals again and they worked. So my problem is as it were when I thought the old signal switch had failed. This suggests to me that the problem is not the signal switch. What else would it be?

Try replacing the flasher unit. I’d have done that before considering the switch.

The car is 18 years old so it’s entirely possible that both parts were problematic.

And make sure all of the bulbs are working no matter if they’re flashing or illuminating and staying on without flashing.


Thanks for the attention.

Is flasher unit same as the “relay”? I had used google for my diagnosis, and I was quite confident that I had nailed down the problem. Now I am seing this thing called “relay” to be the likely culprit - hence my suspision that its the same thing you call flasher unit.