Bonneville electrical ISSUES

Turn signals…imagine that. Left side marker will not flash sometimes and if I plug in the NEW bulb I can see that it is only burning at a minimum where you couldn’t tell it was on unless you were looking for it (but not flashing). My hazards work fine…except my front left turn signal indicator does NOT work (it work when flashers are not on). I can see a faint left turn signal indicator light on my dash lit up. Also, I don’t believe this is related, but who knows?? I have had my interior lights stay on while driving. The only way I can seem to get them off is to lock the car with my remote.

Oh, yeah… sometimes the widows do not work…almost like there is not enough power to close them.

What model year?


You might try replacing the flasher unit to see if that will correct the turn signal problem.

The interior light trouble is most likely due to a bad switch connection in one of the doors or possibly the light switch courtesy light switch connection is shorted.

Flasher is fine, connector is fine, wires seem to be okay (I didn’t notice any frayed or damaged wires…even shook the wires). Flasher will make bulb work, but not the turn signal.

If you are sure the flasher unit is good then the trouble is most likely in the turn signal switch.

That is probably a different issue. Are they the original motors and regulators?

This is an inexpensive fix if it works. You can get them on line for less than $50.00.

Looking at some service data for this it looks like all the switching is in what is called the Hazard/Turn switch. You might be able to clean some contacts in it if you can get inside it. The trouble is most likely inside it anyways and repairing or replacing it should fix the trouble.

I have already started taking the steering column apart. Is there any precautions I should be aware of when taking this apart?

Call me a redneck…but I don’t know if I have the time to take the entire steering column apart. Has anyone every tried to cut the wires, pull them through and them reattach them after the column or is there something else in the column that I have to mess with. (I already have the multi switch unscrewed)

Isn’t there a plug connected to the switch that you can pull off to disconnect it?

I believe that yo are talking about the plug that goes into the wiring harness, not he multi switch. The multiswitch only has wires going to it and then the wires are connected to the contacts and then, under the dash…it goes into a wiring harness. Something that has me perplexed. I looked at the switch which is VERY simple. I took it apart cleaned the contacts and greased them again and reassembled, but I am still having the same problem. Right side works…not the left, but the contacts look exactly the same…in great condition.

Have you already bought your new switch? If yes you can connect the harness as a test without doing anything yet to the steering column

Well, if I do that and it isn’t the multi switch, I still can’t return it because it is an electrical componet. I still might do that even though I can’t return it. (Side note… I haven’t looked REALLY hard at the harness, but how do I unhook the connector?.. it is a little difficult to get to)

Unhooking the harness is the easy part of the job. what are you going to do about getting the air bag, steering wheel, lock plate off? A good tech can do that job (T/S switch in 45min.)

Ok I see you have the switch out. We can verify that the switch is ok by checking for power on the lite blue and yellow wires with the left turn signal on. If you have good voltage on those wires the switch is good and you can put that back together.

After looking at some service data again I see there is a model that has a Adaptive Lamp Module and one without it. Do you know if your model has this module?

I am not sure if it has the module. I have a “K” and not a “1” on my VIN, if that tells anything. I am going to check for a ground wire. Is there a ground specifically for the left signal, if so, where is it located?

Yes, the grounding for the turn signals should be tied to the chassis near the lights. Please verify that the wires I mentioned in my last post are getting 12 volts when the left turn signal is selected, this is important.