Recalcitrant VW lights

The turn signals on the passenger side of my VW Jetta have long resisted commands from my key fob. They freeze. When I want to enter the car, they do not blink on and off; they stay on. When I want to leave the car, they do not shut off on command. When I pop the trunk-lid by using the key fob, these same lights may come on and stay on. They have to be commanded repeatedly , sometimes over a period of hours, to shut off.

The problem doesn’t change from season to season. Manual use of the key doesn’t altogether prevent the problem, though it sometimes seems to reduce its frequency. My mechanic has replaced many parts that seem connected to the problem, but he has stopped short of entering the wiring intricacies of the car"s harness. Sometimes, to avoid the battery’s drainage, I’ve had to resort to removing the three pesky bulbs when the car just won’t shut down at night.

Is this problem known to other VW Jettas, or, for that matter, to any other cars? What can solve it?

What model year?


Perhaps to many peoples joy, I am simply going to stay out of threads where the OP does not include the model year with the initial post, even if I have the answer, fact checked and notarized. Perhaps if other “regulars” do the same we can use this “negative reinforcement” to get the point across that we need this information.

Mayb you should change ur name to "oldgrumpy. Are you getting paid to answer questions in here or just have time to burn

This forum is manned by volunteers who have your best interest at heart and want to solve your problem, or at least point you in in the right direction.

That’s why make, year, model and other info such as automatic or manual is important.


I’m sorry that I left off the model year. I didn’t understand that some special etiquette was violated when I replied “2001” in answer to the first question. Mr. Old School seems angry, but I’m new to this form of asking questions. Forgive my omissions.

Does anyone have a possible suggestion for fixing the problem I cited? I’d appreciate help if someone can suggest a possibility for discussion with my mechanic.

Since I am limited to only using text, how can I express the difficulity created when we don’t have the year of the vehicle? I am not angry,what words did I use that expressed anger? did I call anyone names or degrade them personally? what is there to get angry about? Saying that I am angry is a technique to move the attention from the cause of the problem to me. I am simply expressiong how I am going to deal with posts that lack basic information, and that is pass them up, not continue to berate the poster. People need to view posting on the internet as the same as talking to a mechanic or a parts man. I ask what is so wrong with informing our readers that they are not holding up on their end of the agreement, that agreement being, you post make, model,year,engine size, mainteance histoy, and the problem you are having, and I reply with a no BS answer that I hope helps you.

Your full of knowledge and a great help. Thanks

I really regret leaving out the year: it is 2001. It’s a four-door Jetta GL, the basic one. It has a five-speed manual transmission. The engine has four cylinders. The trouble emerged in November of 2005 or 2004, when the lights stayed on all night and ran down the battery. Since then, I’ve avoided battery-draining incidents, but the problem is very frequent.

My car receives regular maintenance from an independent mechanic I respect and trust. I’d say he’s worked on this problem in at least a dozen different ways. He also carries out routine changes of brake parts, oil and relevant parts, tires for both seasons in our old climate.

I am willing to give requested information; I am sorry that I can’t now add it to the original post. It was an oversight that I’ve tried to compensate for in subsequent emails.