Turn Signal continues to Blink, even when not engaged-2016 Jeep Cherokee

Good afternoon! We have a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited just bought 6 months ago. Last week the right turn signal began to blink on it’s own and stay on. This then causes the warning signal to beep letting us know the turn signal has been left on. Sometimes when we engage the signal to the left it will stop blinking (both left and right). The next day it worked fine and continued to until this morning. Again, same problem. Just randomly happened the entire drive into work. Tried turning the car on and off, engaging hazards, moving the signal switch, turning car lights on and off-nothing seemed to consistently have an affect on it. We are taking it in this afternoon but it would be helpful to have an idea of the problem if anyone knows. It would be AMAZING if my fiancé or I can do the repair ourselves.

So we dropped the car off at the mechanic and there is nothing they can do right now because it isn’t currently having the issue. Any suggestions?

Yes, don’t worry about it until it does this again.

Jeep products have highly integrated electrical systems, apparently with lots of software issues given how many posts we see here. A mechanic with a scan tool that can read the body computer signals may be able to isolate whether it is a switch or an electronic controller problem. Cars are far less DIY these days.


They took it apart. It is the turn signal switch (which we figured). Part is $700!! I freaking hate Jeep. We have two and had nothing but problems. Everything is expensive to fix. Ugh!



Just Empty Every Pocket.



We are looking for a used part at a junkyard. Still gonna be way more than we want to spend!

The most expensive multi function switch/steering column module for this vehicle is the one with a heated steering wheel, $542.

Yes, heated steering wheel. Mechanic said it was just under $700 (I immediately thought that was bull-even though he hasn’t done me wrong yet). I looked it up and it is in fact that much. I am sure the price varies some from place to place but, for example, Autozone has it for $697.

So why do you need Jeeps anyway ?

We live in Maine and 4WD is a plus. My fiancé brought a 2012 Liberty into our relationship and it seemed decent. A few problems here and there but the usual stuff. In February he decided to get the Cherokee. Since, tons of stuff has gone wrong with the Liberty. Window, door, heating, wipers, crank sensor, radio…I could keep going. Now this- with a car we are paying a hefty amount for monthly.

I’m just pissy right now cause we have shelled out a decent amount of $$ over the last few months.

Your mechanic might be pricing the Autozone switch, these are the OEM switches;


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Well holy crap. Looking now. Thanks for the link!


Seriously, thank you! It is almost half the price.

Yeah, RockAuto has them for about the same amount or roughly 1/2 of the original price mentioned…but you’ll have to do the work yourself and more then likely deal with an airbag…

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