2001 Jeep Cherokee turn signal malfunction

My turn signals have not been behaving, sometimes they work, but mostly they don’t. I took it to a Jeep dealership and he said I needed a multi-function switch for $250. Is that the same as a turn signal switch? Am I getting the lady price?Everything else(headlights, hazzards, windshield wipers) works fine. I have no clue, obviously.

They’re probably right. The multi-function switch is usually responsible for this problem. It’s called a mult-function switch because it does all the things you described. And they’re not built very robust. Especially if one function of the switch is used often. (turn signals).

The price depends on how easy it is to replace this switch. Some are easily replaced, while others require removal of the steering wheel.


I agree also it could be the switch but it also could be the flasher unit. Hopefully the shop did some troubleshooting before they declared the switch bad. The flasher unit is a lot easier and less expensive to replace.

If the $250 price includes installation that’s reasonable. I paid ~$200 for the multifunction switch for a 2000 Blazer and installed it myself to save $250 - $300 in labor. Try spraying some CRC electrical contact cleaner or WD40 into the switch where it meets the steering column to clean the contacts. The switch on my Blazer worked for a few days after I did this. It didn’t fix the problem but it verified the switch was bad to begin with. Get a second opinion if possible and check the flasher also.

Ed B.

Spray it with WD40 and you’ll know that you have to replace it now.