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Blinkers - 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee


I recently purchased a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. It drives great but there is a problem with the blinkers. They only work about 15% of the time. Most of the time when I try to use my signal, nothing happens. They don’t light up, they don’t make the blinker sound, and they aren’t flashing. Now, the hazard lights always work and I can sometimes get the blinkers to come back on by adjusting the steering wheel column. Weird right? Please help!

You need to edit your post and remove your full name and location. This is an open web site and it is never a good idea to put to much information on the web.

I’m willing to bet the turn signal switch in the steering column is faulty. Either bad contacts or something is broken. It should not be difficult to replace, but will probably need the steering wheel pulled to access the switch.

As stated above a bad multifunction switch or a broken wire in the column is very likely.

I too agree with Busted.
I suggest that should you decide to try to fix this yourself you get a repair manual and ascertain that you deactivate the airbag properly. It is extremely dangerous attempt to remove a steering wheel to work on the column without doing so.