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Help! Problem with ignition and turn signals

  1. The ignition switch does not stay on unless I hold it forward. If I simply let go, it will turn the car off. Sometimes I can play with it and get the key in the perfect position for the car to stay on, but it is short lived. I have already replaced the tumbler with still the same problem.

    2) The turn signals do not work, but the hazard lights do! I have replaced the flasher relay, same issue. I replaced the turn signal switch on the steering column, still no blinkers.

    I can’t figure either of these problems out. I have to fix these in order to get the Jeep inspected, so that I can get tags to drive it. Thanks for your help!

I neglected to post the YMM: This is a 1997 Jeep Cherokee SE (2-door), 5-speed, 4-cylinder, 124000 miles. It’s also been sitting for about a year

Definitely a steering column problem. Have you tred reseating the electrical connector at the bottom of the steering column?

I have not tried that. Do I just unplug it, then plug it back in?

I fixed it! All it needed was a new ignition switch. I replaced that and both the ignition and the blinkers work properly. Thanks for your help!