99 Jeep Cherokee Turn Signal Issue

99 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Front passenger side turn signals not working. The rear is blinkly very quickly and the dash indicator is not flashing. I have replaced all of the bulns, the combination flasher unit located under the driver side dash, and the turn signal switch assembly in the the steering column. Any suggestions? Thanks.

You’ve replaced ALL bulbs? Front and rear? Does the parking element light? What changes when the parking lights are on.

I have a hard time thinking this is anything other than a bad bulb. I think the signal switch was not needed.

Try and number of tests in various states. Put the brakes on while it’s dark and see if the front element lights when the brakes are applied …turn on the 4-ways and inspect how all elements react with and without the parking lights on. This is a grounding issue, imo, …and I’d normally say it was through a bulb that’s lost its ground (current now traveling through the parking element and finding ground through all the other parking lights). The quick flash is normal for too much current draw. The same thing used to happen when you added a trailer. Too many lights on the circuit. You had to get a HD flasher to correct it.

I think you have an open circuit going to that bulb`s socket. Use a test light to see if the circuit is hot on both prongs or connections.