Turn signal clicking noise - signals not on

I get the turn signal clicking noise in my 2000 chevy blazer. The signals are not on and not signaling. The noise stops when I brake and in time after car warms up. This started when my hand slipped off the lever and jammed it forward.

I had the same problem with my 2000 Blazer. It was the multifunction switch (turn signal, cruise, hazard, etc). There was a recall on the hazard switch for 2000 Blazers, but it sounds like you broke the switch. A GM dealer can look up the VIN number to see if the recall was performed. The recall had been done on my truck by the first owner, so I had to replace the switch on my own dime.

The switch cost around $200 from the dealer, aftermarket prices were in the $170 to $180 range 2 years ago. I’m guessing around 3 hours of labor to replace the switch. Figure about $500 to $600 for the repair. I replaced the switch myself, instructions are on the NHSTA website where I looked up the recall.

Start with this link.


Look up the recall for the Hazard switch, once the recall page comes up, select the “Document Search” link. There are instructions on how to replace the switch if you are up to it.

Ed B.

Here’s something to try first. Spray the inside of the turn signal switch with CRC electrical contact cleaner or WD-40. Perhaps the contacts just need to be cleaned.

I believe Ed may well have it,  but just for fun, buy a couple of new bulbs for the back and replace them.