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1998chev blazer -elect. problem

when turning on the ignition the turn signal flasher begins to click.( as if the signal was turned on).no lights are on.Apply the brake pedal and as long the brake is applied the ticking stops.Drive for awhile and the ticking stops until the brake is applied and pedal is released.

Are the turn signals flashing too, or is it just the noise?

It could be a problem with the flasher unit but it could also be the turn signal switch.

About 2 1/2 years ago the multifunction switch (turn signal, wipers, cruise, etc) went bad on my 2000 Blazer. The turn signals worked normally, but the clicking noise was on constantly. I don’t recall if using the brakes made the noise stop.
Google “Blazer multifunction switch” for more information.

I sprayed some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner into the switch which stopped the clicking for a few days. I ended up replacing the switch anyway, but at least the cleaning confirmed the switch was the problem. There was a recall on 2000 Blazers for the switch on the NHTSA website. It’s worth checking for a 98 Blazer.

The recall had been done on my Blazer already, but there were directions on the website for replacing the switch. The part was about $200, it took me a few hours to do the job. I wouldn’t be surprised if the repair was $400 or $500 with labor at the dealer. Since it’s a major expense, make it sure it’s the problem before replacing it.

The flasher is located behind the glove box, it’s about $15. That might be worth a try.

Good luck,

Ed B.

thank you all. I will try each suggestion.Bob

As you know, you have to remove the air bag,use a puller to remove the steering wheel, a lock plate compressor to remove the clip that holds the lock plate down, don’t break the horn contact retaniner on the turn signal cancel cam.

I don’t think it’s a job for a beginner