Turn signal

I have 98 Blazer which the turn siganl relay is clicking when not using the signal. It will do it for a few minutes then quit, but then randomly start up again. If the brake pedal is used the clicking will stop. I have replaced it once and it still does it.

Also my driver door power window has on two occassions quit working then a few seconds later work, would this be an early warning the power unit is about to stop working? Thanks.

Did you replace the relay/flasher or the turn signal switch? The clicking is due to the multifunction switch (turn signal, wipers, cruise, etc). It’s a known problem with GMs of this vintage. Try spraying some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner into the base of the switch at the steering column to clean the contacts. I ended up having to replace the multifunction switch on my Blazer. The part was ~$200 and I installed the part. There’s probably a couple of hours of labor involved, ~$500 total would be my guess for the repair.

The NHSTA web site has directions under the Documents link in the Recall database section. Do a search on 2000 Blazer.


Ed B.

It was the relay/flasher replaced. I will try the CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner on the area you said. Thanks alot for the information and web site info.